Manage leave balances

You can use the Novopay Online screens or the School Annual and Sick Leave report to help manage employees' annual and sick leave balances.

Note: Providing the school uses the Novopay payroll system to record all leave taken by its employees, the system records will meet the Holidays Act 2003 requirements for holiday and leave record keeping. However, the following leave types are not managed in Novopay Online, and will need to be recorded in some other way by the school.

  • Annual leave balances for principals 
  • Annual leave for special residential school employees

How is the leave balance calculated?

Novopay automatically calculates an employee's leave balance as follows:

Entitlements (+ any adjustments) - Leave booked = Leave balance

Entitlements are based on service and are allocated as specified in the employee's employment agreement.
See Leave entitlements.

Leave booked includes any bookings for taken or future leave.

Leave balance is the amount of leave currently owed to the employee. 

You can see an employee's sick and annual leave entitlements, adjustments and leave balances on the School Annual and Sick Leave report.

View leave bookings

To view an employee's leave bookings in Novopay Online:

My School > School Leave Details > School Leave Bookings

The School Leave Bookings screen lists all leave bookings made for an employee by your school since Novopay went live in August 2012. This shows the leave code, start and end dates, number of leave days taken, and leave reason.

If an employee has worked at more than one school, either concurrently or consecutively, since August 2012, you will not be able to see any leave taken by them at another school.

For details of historical (pre-Novopay) leave, send the request on a NOVO31 form to the Novopay Service Centre.

You can also see leave bookings made in the current pay period on the Transaction report and the School Annual and Sick Leave report.

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View leave balances

To view an employee's leave balances in Novopay Online:

My School > School Leave Details > School Leave Balances

The School Leave Balances screen shows an employee's current leave balances for sick and annual leave, as at the end of yesterday, i.e. they exclude any leave bookings entered today. The leave balance includes future-dated leave bookings.

Entitlements due will be accrued at the end of each pay period.

If a teacher works at more than one school, their balance will reflect leave booked at all schools, but you will only be able to see the leave bookings for your school.

Anticipated sick leave is not included in the sick leave balance online; however it will be deducted from the employee's next entitlement, and will reflect in the Leave Accumulated to Date field on the School Annual and Sick Leave report.

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Correct a leave balance

If you believe that an employee's leave balance is incorrect, this may mean that leave bookings are missing or incorrect, or the employee may have been incorrectly set up in Novopay, which has affected their entitlements.


See NOVO forms to download NOVO forms, and for guidance on completing forms.

  • NOVO31 - Transaction Report Discrepancies/Advice of Changes
  • NOVO12 - Leave Booking
  • NOVO12r - Leave Booking Reversal

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